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Pushing to levels, pushing to new highs requires this one skill… this one mindset change… Anytime somebody comes to me and tells me they are looking to make a shift in their life whether its fitness business or anything else I always tell them to practice this… I’m all in are you?


What is your ALL IN?

Everybody has different amounts of all in… Everybody was born with varying amounts of poker chips but, that is OKAY! This is what makes us all unique. This is what will make YOU stand out in this world!

So, what is all in really? If you look around ALL IN is everywhere. Look at an airplane, when the jet is working towards achieving lift the pilot has the throttle at 100% ALL IN until it reaches its cruizing altitude. This is a perfect example on how life works. When you want to make a change in your life. I do not care if it is health, business, relationship or even spiritual. Whenever you want to reach new levels and get to new altitudes you MUST go all in!

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How to get more eyes on you for FREE

In the online world, you can have the best content on the internet, but if nobody ever sees it, then, well, you’ll never get anywhere with it! The trick is to get more eyes on what you are doing. Where the eyes go, the money follows. There are people on Instagram, right this very minute, who are making thousands just because they have 100k ENGAGED followers.

So, how to get more eyes on you, you ask?


You don’t have to do this alone! Start reaching out to people! Collaborate with bloggers, models, writers, photographers, or any product producers or service providers. Collaborations will benefit both parties by exchanging product, services, images, mentions, and/or likes.  These exchanges can expand your outreach like crazy! Collaborations can also bring referrals from die-hard followers who really trust their opinion. This instantly creates trust in you, too. Collaborations are key to expanding your potential audience.

Another great part of collabs? Getting help from an expert in something you need improvement in. Let’s say you’re not so great with photography, but you’re awesome at marketing… Find a photographer who needs marketing help, and exchange, they’ll provide you with their expert photos!

Even if you can’t find a direct exchange of product or services to exchange, reach out to people by interviewing them about what they do. It’s simple! Plus, people love talking about themselves, especially knowing that you will share it with everyone you know. Most likely, they’ll want to share it with all of their friends, too. It’s a win-win. And hey, there’s a few more eyes on your content and your brand! So reach out, seek out those who offer what you need, and collaborate!

 Guest Blogging

No matter how big or how small the other network is, take the opportunity to work with another blogger. All it takes is one person to make your content go viral! Guest blogging is a great example of a “help you, help me” arrangement. Everyone wins. Research blogs with similar interests and offer to write or answer questions regarding the topics you feel most comfortable in. Be sure to ask to share the content on your profiles, and blog away!

Grow your online network: Social Media Groups

There are groups on LinkedIn and Facebook for almost every category. Join them! Reach out to the group admin and ask if it’s okay to share your content with the group. More often than not, if the content is uplifting and educating, they’ll allow it. Plus, groups are a great place to network and meet new people who are interested in what you do!

Network locally

If you haven’t already, Download Shapr. This is an incredible app to meet people locally!!! I have met sooo many successful people from this app… Growing your professional network is as easy as swiping right! This is where most of my content for my podcast comes from! You already have one thing in common, location, so it’s a great place to get started.

Social media prospecting

It goes down in the DM! The more time you spend reaching out to people, the more people will be seeing your name! Make the effort to post regularly across all your profiles (sure, it’s okay to focus on your favorite one, but the more platforms you use, the more chances you have in reaching a wider audience). Use your social media to build a strong network of professionals and people who share your interests.  This becomes massive leverage, a byproduct of this is a bigger following and a bigger following means you can drive traffic to whatever you chose! Sponsorships? Email lists? The world is yours…

Research your ideal client                                                                                                                                                                              

It’s super important to know who you are trying to reach. If you just mass market out to anybody and everybody, it’s less likely anyone will feel the pull to pay attention to you. That’s why you have to be super specific, and to do that effectively, you have to know who you are talking to.

So how do you get to know your ideal client? Research, research, RESEARCH!

Find out where your ideal client works.

What’s the industry? How big is the company? What is the company’s mission and values? Use this information to target your ads and pitches to align with their mission and values. Take note of the level of expertise and expected income. The ideal client has to be able to afford your product or service, right?

How does your ideal client spend their time?

Find out where your ideal client spends most of the day.  When are they most likely to have time to see your content? How does your client learn new information? What blogs or news does your client follow? Which social media accounts does your client primarily use? Use this information to know the when and what for content delivery.

It’s super important to direct your content as if you are speaking directly to one person. What are they looking for? Once you know what they need, you’re in a better position to offer a solution. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to someone within the company. Even if you don’t get the right person the first time, the referrals will help grow your network along the way! Take time to research your audience so that you can develop relevant and engaging content that is sure to keep eyes on you.

Become an authority

Invite people to come to you by offering relevant content, answering questions, and providing information. Create content that speaks to your audience. Establish authority by publishing, whether it be a blog, an e-book, or a podcast, the fact that you’re published makes you reputable. If you’re the one answering questions, people will look to you as the expert. The more you help, the more people will respect you as an authority and the more people that will approach you! The winning cycle…

Maintain engagement

Through interaction with followers is important for people’s perception of you, staying active in conversations and forums is not enough! Get people to subscribe to push notifications through Facebook messenger and emails Trmbl Media Messenger Marketing. This method is critical because it bypasses the algorithms of the networks, and the more people who engage within the first 15 minutes of your post being active, the more people it will reach. The more you share and interact, the more your audience will share, and the more you’ll get eyes on you!

Use technology

There are sooo many ways to stay relevant in the online world.  It’s super critical to get, “in the trenches” and the “$1.80 strategy”  as Gary Vaynerchuck would say, and take action in the midst of it all! When you not only participate, but also contribute, people will start to follow, and the money will, too!

Check out these 10 ways to drive organic traffic to your website

Okay, we’ve laid out the basics of how to get started on getting eyes on you, but if you’re looking for more detailed and specific advice, or if you have questions, we’re here to help! Contact us at [email protected]

Pro tip: Many people try to rush this step, or they expect thousands of views overnight… I feel you here, I am that guy too! I want everybody in the world to see the incredible content I am providing, but I just have to earn it! It does not happen every night. It takes time to create a following, it takes months and years to gain massive traction. The thing is though, once you stop spinning your wheels, then your success will grow exponentially.

Pro tip 2: Create quality content and do not worry too much about the number of followers you have! As long as you are planting seeds, the crop will eventually grow. It’s very important you read my post  “Learn, Teach, Repeat!” about the mindset here and how to create the right content. If you skip this step, your efforts to drive traffic will be wasted.

Learn, Teach, & Repeat

Too many people are in jobs they hate. That’s why I’m helping you learn how to fire your boss and work for yourself!  If you remember, the first two posts in this series discussed how to prepare yourself by getting in the right mindset in Mind over Matter and Living Your Life on Purpose. So, you’ve begun your journey with learning. Now what? How do you become relevant? Everybody in this world is good at something. What is it you are good at? Is it writing? Is it reading? Is it speaking? Photography? Swimming? Fishing? Video games? What is it?

Now, do you enjoy doing what you are good at? Is it something you have fun doing? Great! Spend all your time getting better at it. Document the entire process. Tell the world about where you are in the process and what you are working on. Why? Because teaching gives value. When you give value this is a form of marketing, and it’s 100% FREE. So, If you’re good at something, chances are, there are people out there who are looking to learn from where you are at! Teaching people is a great way to get your message out there and to get your name out into the world.  When you give value, you get value in return. Teaching will help bring people to you! This almost always results in meeting new people and business opportunities. Teaching can also bring followers, and followers bring money. The best part? To teach something, you don’t have to be the best in the world, you don’t even have to be an expert. You just have to be better at it than somebody else!!! So, every time you learn something new, teach it in a way that you also enjoy.

That brings us to how you share your knowledge. Pick a medium. Is it blogs, audio (podcasts), or videos? You don’t have to do it all, stick to what you’re good at… Example, I suck at writing, so I have somebody who helps me get better at creating text content for you. I am good on audio, so that’s where a lot of my content is being created at this time! ( My podcast)

Pick one of these platforms and learn it, really immerse yourself in it. Take time to learn from others who are already successful in that medium. Notice how they present their message and how they engage their followers. Once you’ve studied the medium and gotten comfortable with it, promote it throughout the world. It will take time. It will take energy. But the thing is, you will eventually succeed if you never give up.

Pro tip: The number of followers you have doesn’t matter. Spend all your time creating incredible value and content, and eventually, followers will come and compound 10 fold… Only when you earn them though!

Teach. I don’t care what it is just TEACH…. Then learn how to get more eyes on your content! Think about what you’re good at, think about how it would best come across to the audience you’re trying to teach it to.  Find the right medium, and share it with the world. Unsure of how to best do this? We’re here to help! Email us [email protected]

Pro tip: I always like to level up your mindset, I am looking to help you win. So, when you are teaching and creating value there is one very important factoid to keep in mind. You need to approach it with the right mindset… I see sooo many people out there who promote themselves as the best or who oversell themselves… I was very guilty of this when I was just getting started. Too many beginners are still in the “fake it until you make it” phase, and here’s the problem with that… You can NOT trick a winner, you cannot fool somebody who has already made it. You might be impressing grandma or Auntie Jane… but you will never trick me. You neeeeeeeeed successful people in your life, and when you oversell, you only push them away.

So, the answer is simple. Don’t be fake, but still teach! The motto and process you should follow instead is “act as if,” and if you can’t defend it, promote it! If you’re a young entrepreneur, promote it, and explain why your age is an advantage! If you are just getting started in insurance, promote that shit!!! Explain how this means you can spend more time ensuring that you take care of your clients this way! It’s all how you play the game! So, let’s go out today and crush it! Let’s go #teamtrimble and let’s help the world!

Live your life on purpose!

There are two types of people in this world. The ducks and the eagles. Ducks just quack while eagles soar and take control of the skies. The ducks are the people who live life on defense, always complaining and waddling away from whatever is troubling them, and there ALWAYS seems to be something troubling them. And then there’s the eagles, the people who live life on offense, who take problems as an opportunity, who stay positive because they know they are in control.  These people live life on purpose, with meaningful actions and intentions, and they reap the rewards.

I’m sure you know someone who fits each of these categories. Think about it. You’re in a room with a group of people. You look over to one corner, and there’s Bob, boring whoever pities him enough for a chat with yet another complaint.  Then you look at the center of the room. You notice people gathering as Jim walks in. You realize Jim is always smiling and confident, telling a story of yet another success. Do you think Bob was just unlucky? Do you think Jim just got all the luck and that he actually has fewer problems? My bet is Jim just handles the problem on the spot, not letting the worry drag him down, and allowing him to continue down the path of success.

When you take complete control of your life, then you will start to become more successful. Sometimes stupid things happen that you cannot control. Now, how you react to these situations is what separates the Eagles from the Ducks. You can either dwell on it and let it hold you back, or, you can use it as a springboard to propel you forward and faster.  Like I said, the choice is yours.

Goal setting is super important…

Okay, so you’ve made the choice to be an eagle. Smart choice! Now, how can you be sure to stick to it? SET GOALS! Goals are critical to ensuring direction and purpose. I’ve attended many seminars on goal setting, and here are some of my favorite takeaways:

Start with the end in mind.

Start by thinking what is the end RESULT. What do you want out of this? Where do you want to be in 90 days? Once you’ve got that sorted out, think about where you should be by day 60 in order to reach your 90-day goal. Day 30? This week? Work backward with the end in mind. This will help you be more realistic about what needs to be done by when.

Think big

I read an article in Entrepreneur on how to make your first million. The author suggested the best way to do it is to focus on how to make your first $20 million. This actually makes sense, because if you focus on making your first $20 million, you’ll most likely make that first million, and you’re much closer to 20 million than if you had had set your sight short. If you remember from my “Must Read Entrepreneur books” article, both Trump and Cardone stress the importance of setting goals higher than you’d normally expect. If you think about it, setting realistic goals will only help you stay average. If you really want to succeed, you have to go above and beyond what most people do, and that’s why you’ve got to think big.

Plan for success

The fear of failure is what holds most of us back from achieving our dreams. Instead of asking, “what if I fail?” try asking, “what if I succeed?” Failure will happen, but that’s how we learn. And surprise! Success will happen, too. Of course, things don’t just happen, they have to be planned, and that’s where you come in.

Affirmations will keep you going…

The brain is super malleable, so feed it with positive thoughts. Fill your head with self-talk! Talk yourself up! Tell yourself you are amazing! Stand up right now, seriously right now, and yell to the world, “I LOVE MYSELF” 5 times… AS LOUD AS YOU CAN (I bet you won’t do it). Next time you are in your car try it out! The rush is amazing… Your body will show you it loves you too. Trust me do it!

Surround yourself with positive people.  We naturally absorb the energies of those around us. When you’re around positive people, you tend to be more positive, too. So time to kiss Negative Nancy goodbye and bring on the positivity! Surround yourself around the people who are thinking big!

Remember to congratulate yourself for each milestone towards your goals. It’s good to feel good! You should be proud of yourself for making it happen! Take time to acknowledge your achievements and see where they’ve brought you today! Think about it for a second! You are a massive success, you have done so much more than most!

So, for those of you ducks out there, it’s not too late for you to change! Uplift yourself and join the eagles! Teach yourself to be a person who does, one who stays optimistic, and the results and opportunities will start falling into your lap. Keep your head held high, and live your life willing to take a chance! Live your life on purpose, and you will find a way to succeed. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Interested in hearing more? Check out our podcast!

The must read entrepreneur books this year!

Mindset will set you free. What I mean by that is, you create your own reality based on what you believe, so why not believe in something that will help you succeed? The mind is super malleable, which is why I always say, “if you believe it, you can achieve it.” I feel like this is super true! Rob Siltanen said it best, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” So, there you have it! It all starts with a belief! If you believe like I do, that “if it’s possible it’s doable, if it’s doable, why not me?” then you will begin to realize you can do anything! You have the power to do whatever it takes…

Books, they are the little mentors you never had! The more you read the more you know! So, I put together a list of books that have changed my life in one way or another! I believe that anybody looking to become an entrepreneur must read these! I broke them up into two different sections… First is mindset and skills to get started, the second batch is taking your game to the next level! Lest dive in!

Get Skills

We all need the skills to back the business! These 3 books will improve your skills in sales and marketing while leveling up your business mindset:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

Now, I’ll be clear. I don’t just mean the first book… I mean ALLL of them. The Rich Dad series will help you begin to think like a business owner. Robert K. will teach you things NO school is teaching. You’ll learn how using leverage can help you do more with less, and how borrowing “other people’s money” can get you richer with the right kind of investments. You’ll also learn how to use debt in a good way. How can debt be good, you ask? Debt is not all bad, in fact, it’s essential for the economy. The difference is whether the debt will pay off in the long run when the asset’s cash flow covers the debt payment AND puts extra cash in your wallet. If you want to really understand the thoughts and principles of successful business, this is truly a great read to learn how to change your mindset to that of a successful business owner.

The 10x Rule

Grant Cardone

Every book produced by this man is gold (or should I say Bitcoins with today’s market?). This guy not only illustrates the art of the hustle, he walks the talk. Biggest takeaways? Sales, Hustle, and the law of 10x. Cardone will help you understand what it really means to “hustle,” to push yourself as if you had everything taken away from you, because even though they took those things, they can never take away your spirit. So how do you develop such a strong spirit? Use it every day, practice every day, HUSTLE every day.  So what about the law of 10x? This is a big one. You’ll learn how to set goals that are “10x more than what you think you want and then take 10x the action you think is required to get you there.” Overall, a hugely motivating read!

Crush it!

Gary Vaynerchuck

This man is in 2020 right now (it’s 2017 in case you forgot). He is able to see where the market is going today, next month, next year in terms of marketing… He will teach you the art of getting your name out there. We all know how important this is in today’s world! In his books, he talks about the essentials of marketing and how to build a personal brand



Okay, so you’ve got the skills, now what? Here at #teamtrimble we don’t stop there! We always think big, we want to change the world! These next few books are in the advanced section. Give these books a read to learn what it takes to get next level:

The art of the deal

Donald Trump

Trump’s proven time and time again his ability to succeed in the business world. This book includes 11 steps to business success.  Trump really spells out how to make a deal, and he provides his thoughts along with it, “I like thinking big. I always have… if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.” Simple, but true. So if you want to get in the mind of the successful entrepreneur, this one’s a sure winner.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John C. Maxwell

This book will absolutely get you next level. This book will help you grow to be the person capable of being your own boss. It will also help you learn how to build a successful team, nourish it, and effectively lead it. This book provides the framework for successful leadership, and once you understand the basic concepts, you’ll be able to build upon them to grow your business to one that will change the world!

How to win friends and influence people

Dale Carnegie

 Another home run book! In the business world, we need people. Without friends or a team, all you have is yourself! Let’s face it, we all know the saying that two minds are greater than one. It’s time to grow, my friends. Learn the principles behind winning people over, becoming an influence, and becoming a better leader overall.

High Status

Jason Capital

This book sets itself apart from the rest. The previous books teach you how to think yourself to success, but JC takes it one step further, he teaches you how to act your way to success. This pivotal difference will greatly affect how others perceive you. This guy will teach you how to get what you want, from who you want, when you want it. How? By getting them to think that you are one “Badass Mother Fvcker”… Pardon the language there but, Confidence and status are important in business. The reason is simple… I am sure we all have been on YouTube and seen somebody hop out of a Lambo and thought to ourselves “something doesn’t feel right” but when Elon Musk or Robert Downey JR hop out of theirs we think to ourselves “oh that makes sense”… Do you see it yet? If not you should probably pick up a copy of this book

This is a lot of information I know my friends. These books will take you months to get through I completely understand but, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, this is the first step my friends. These books changed my life and I can promise you they will do the same for you! Now, are books the answer to all? Not a chance, they are just the mentors in times of need. Each book has its little bit of value that can be called upon when the time is right! So click the links buy these books from Amazon and begin or you can be like me and purchase Audible, the best audiobook app ever! Listen to them in the car!

Need more than just books to build your business? Check out our podcast for more!