Laptop lifestyle? Is it possible?

We all have seen the videos of people traveling around the world claiming they work on their laptops while they never stay in the same place for more than a month. I wanted to believe it was possible because that’s the life I want for myself… but I am a prove it kind of guy so I was super skeptical. I also know this is the dream of so many millennials, we see our parents and the life that they made and we know there has to be a better way! So I set out to find these people who are really doing it and well, it is really possible to become free… But how?

The Interview that changing my life.

About a month ago I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some information from a guy who is 25 and appears to only be a beach bum. The thing is… he surfs all day in a small south American country making $19,000 a month putting in maybe 10 hours a week on his business. He was nothing special he just was willing to take risks and waste some money in the hope of getting some return. After a few hours and some coaxing, he was willing to talk about how he did this. He starts out slow telling me he first invented this idea two years ago and it cost him around $3,000 in failures but eventually he cracked the code and shared the secret sauce. I was shocked, to be honest, it was so simple… In theory at least.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

What’s the trick? How can he possibly make this kind of cash! Well, he was a Facebook influencer. Not a personal page though, like Kim Kardashian or Gary Vaynerchuck. He was a brand influencer… By that I mean he had created 5–8 different Facebook pages that were all Fan Pages of a certain Movie or TV shows. He would set up automated postings around these topics and use paid ad’s to drive followers to his pages. He then started a Shopify drop shipping website where he would promote related products to his pages fan base. This all seems easy, right? I told you it would. The trick though is the Facebook ads. How did he manage to grow his accounts to over 100k likes? The trick is getting the paid likes for as cheap as possible. He didn’t go out and pay FB $0.50 a follow like most people do when the don’t know how to use ads. He found a way to get likes on his page for around $0.01 with highly targeted ads. It cost him around $1500 to create a page that would make him $5,000-$7,000 a month…

Facebook Ads

How did he manage this? How did he get the likes on his page for sooo cheap? Yeah, he wasn’t the best teacher, unfortunately. Some people just are not and that’s okay… But fortunately, for me, I was able to catch the idea and put it into practice for myself. I spent a few weeks taking the ideas he conveyed and wasted a few hundred. I eventually got likes as low as $0.03 Sadly though this blog post isn’t going to be able to teach you everything you need to know about FB ad’s or how to precisely do the ads. It’s just impossible to show you the ideas in text form. There is a course out there that has helped me achieve this success… I know you didn’t read all of this just to be left hanging… I will give you a tip and where to start. Then if you want more info you know what to do 😉

There are many types of Facebook ads. The one that he would use was ENGAGEMENT. He would put out a post and highly target the field to get the post to go viral. Once this had happened he started receiving loads of likes for FREE on top of what he was paying for….. This would snowball into friends of friends seeing the post and others whom may also be interested.

There is a whole course on how to do this. I have it and I will tell you right now that It has changed my life. I have managed to make 2 different Facebook pages over 3,000 likes in less than a few weeks. I have also taught another guy how to do this on his personal fitness page. I am now scaling this up!

If you are looking for more information on how to do this please feel free to reach out to me. Email me here [email protected] or find me on Facebook, Instagram or

Let’s change the game together! #TeamTrimble

One thing most Instagram Profiles are doing WRONG!

Instagram for business and branding!

Instagram is a huge place to collect a highly engaged and loyal following, they have 600 Million+ active users each and every month. This is so many fish to try and get into your net! So why are so many entrepreneurs failing to close and make sales on Instagram?

The problem is people are not putting out enough value. Most pages are just being lazy posting photos with only quotes stolen from another page expecting their page to grow and commissions to jump into their wallets. Well, It doesn’t work like this anymore… There are a million quotes pages out there just like yours so you need to find a way to get yourself some of the market share and hold on to it! This is done by thinking outside the box and building relationships with your followers. Interact with them, learn who they are, what their likes are and what is important to them. Once you know your network bring them value. More than just the quotes, start by helping them succeed in whatever their venture is! Eventually, you will have put enough gold into your network where you can start monetizing off them. Do not rush monetization!

Ideas on how to build value!

Idea 1) Reach out to every one of your followers individually !! Send them a Direct Message trying to spark a conversation with them. You are reaching out to them as a friend looking to learn more about them. Each and every one of your followers should know you care about them by the time you are done having a conversation with them. DO NOT try to sell them anything while building this relationship the time will come later on down the line once they believe in who you are!

If you are like me and have 10’s of thousands of followers thinking this is going to take forever to send them all a message. Don’t worry you do not have to go to each and every profile and send them a message one by one to start. Check out Holr, they are an automation company. This is something you can use to send the first message. Use this website with care.. I highly recommend you email me if you have any questions BEFORE YOU GET STARTED. [email protected]

Pro Tip: Always use the paid version of this website. If you do not then they put their signature on the bottom of every message and that looks super trashy and nobody wants that!! Period….

Pro Tip: Always spin your first message to your followers. This will keep you from being blocked!

Pro Tip: Make your first message something genetic that would apply to everybody. “Hey (their username), I am reaching out to all of my followers to say hey and thank them for always engaging with my posts! I would love to know more about yourself, what keeps you busy?

Pro Tip: DO NOT keep this bot running for too long. It will send thousands of messages that you just can not keep up with all by yourself. It is not easy to have a conversation with 10k people at once. Trust me I would know…..

Idea 2) Find pages that have the types of followers you are targeting then interact with the followers as well as the people engaging with their content. Seek to give value to these people help them with whatever you can. Start to engage in personal conversations and topics that you are knowledgeable about. You will begin to stand out as an expert when others see your conversations and loads of people will follow you… This builds also relationships, people begin to look up to you and will start to engage with your content because it’s yours and they love your brand… See where I am going with this yet? Build a personal network of people and show you care about them. They will be your long term customers and followers.

Idea 3) Create other content outside of Instagram. Pick a topic that is relevant to your content on IG that you are knowledgeable about and create Blogs or Vlogs that will bring value to your network. Are you a flower page? Make videos talking about different types of flowers teaching all about them. A fishing page? Videos of lures that work amazing for you! Marketer? Free tips that helped you blow up your business!

The idea is this, You are setting yourself apart making yourself the expert in your field. You are the person to go to when expertise is needed. Then once you have given away so much value to the world create a product that teaches and sell it for $15 or $20 and ask your followers to buy it… THEY WILL!

In Recap, The problem that I see on Instagram is that people are just trying to sell what they have to the world without creating a brand or any loyalty to their account. Don’t be like this, #TeamTrimble moves the free line and gives away so much value for FREE that when we ask you to pay for something you know it is going to be packed full with more value than the price we are selling it for!

Thank you guys for making it to the end of this post. Please let me know if you got value out of this by liking the post and commenting! Have you ever done this? How did it work for you? Have you ever had seen anybody doing it the wrong way? Comment Below!

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The Do’s and Don’ts to gain Social Media Followers

Everybody wants to be Instagram famous nowadays. I feel like there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a new post about gaining 10 bazillion followers overnight. I am going to break down the social media hacks they use and the right way to grow an account.

Hack one, There are companies and apps out there that are “like4like” and “follow4follow” what they do is promise that if you use their app to engage with three people then you in return you will get one engagement. Eventually what will happen is on these apps you will run out of content to interact with. Because the ratio is not even. So how do they offset this? First, you can buy engagement for a small amount of cash and you will receive the allotted followers or likes. Also, they partner with websites and other individuals that promote their app and in return they will be promoted at all times. Sounds pretty awesome right? Swipe your credit card and receive 200k followers or page likes. Well, the problem is that the followers or like you are getting are a one-time thing. They are also not quality at all. Remember they are on these apps only to gain followers them selfs. Then the second they get the chance they will unfollow you and money gone. Now, let’s say the best case these new followers stay around…. You will have a huge follower count but, the problem is these people WILL NOT engage with your content ever. This creates Ghost Followers (Followers who never engage).

Most of you are marketers here on this blog. So you all should know the importance of an “open rate” when it comes to an email campaign. If not google the term for more info. Well, when it comes to Ghost Followers it has the same effect as people not opening your email. They are basically just placeholders. Well, when it comes to social media there is a lot more damage done than just people not seeing your emails content. There is an algorithmic timeline on most social media sites. This algorithm decides now what people see your posts and just how many. How does it decide who to serve your photo to? Easy, the people who are engaging and if it gets a lot of engagement it will serve it to other people… Now say, you have an awesome post and around 50%+ of your followers are ghost followers. Most of the real followers that would love your post, they will like, comment and share it with the world but they will never even get to see it. Why? The algorithm would try to expand your post to “reach” more people. The posts would go to the ghost followers and the normal followers alike… but the ghosts would not engage making the algorithm think it’s a bad post which in turn brings the reach…. So, NEVER use these apps for followers.

Why not use the apps just for likes won’t this trick the algorithm into thinking there is more engagement? Wrong, the algorithm can not be tricked. It scans the accounts that are liking your posts. It also makes sure that you get an even amount of engagement. So if you are not getting any comments or shares then the post goes nowhere still… So, I recommend never wasting your time with Black Hat tricks it will not work for long if at all.

Hack two, There are companies out there that will “automate” your page for you meaning that they will have a bot program go out and like people’s photos as well as Follow and Unfollow. These are not the worst way to grow your account like hack three…. but this way is not even close to the best way. So how this works, The bot goes out and targets accounts who are following similar pages to your own. They will move down the list commenting, liking and following each in turn. This growth hack used to work decently well on Instagram for years. The problem is that so many people buy into these techniques, naturally people started catching on to what was happening. The next problem with this is the companies in charge of the “automation” have no idea how to properly target or use these bots. At the end of the day, they just get you to many ghost followers to really be worth it. Now, there are some great ways to use automation. I actually teach this in a course of mine but you must learn to do it yourself not have a company control your account.

Hack three, buying followers…. Oh gosh, this is the worst idea I have ever heard of….. You can buy 200k followers and receive them in under 20 minutes. 99.89% of them will be Ghosts…. Why is that? Well, the first problem is that almost all of these followers are going to be fake accounts that have been hacked and are completely inactive. The remainder of the followers will be overflow from hack one… So, if you ever want your posts seen on social media then you should NEVER buy into these hacks…

The right way to grow your accounts!

The number one way to grow your social media brand is very simple. It does take work though that’s why many people fall into the hacks above. Most people want the “Get Rich Quick” option or “The Limitless Pill” be honest with yourself right now… You know there is no easy way to get ahead in anything so you must work for it. The tips I am going to teach you below are super easy and do not take up much time but, you have to be consistent. Every single day you need to put in some effort and you need to care more than anything about helping others. So let us dive in!

Pro Tip 1, Dive into the trenches of where your ideal follower would be. The best place to start is other social media pages that are just like yours. Then once there interact with the pages and their followers. Give value and expertise on whatever your page is about. The thing is you need to be genuine here no BS comments. This is just a waste of your time. You need to be adding real value to all of the pages. Helping people and recommending positivity. The whole goal is to make friends with people and get people to realize you are an expert in whatever you do. One sinkhole that you must skip over though is the sales person sink hole. There is a time and place to pitch your product, service or page. When adding value you should not be doing this. When going out on these prospecting missions your mindset should be to drive more engagement on these posts and build value to whoever reads your post remember the value you give on other pages will be seen by more than just the person you replied to. Chances are that many people from the original page will come across your knowledge and seek you out. the value you give on other pages will be seen by more than just the person you replied to. Chances are that many of the people from the original page will come across your value and seek you out. Over time this will compound into something huge.

Pro Tip 2, Content is king all over the internet. You see things going viral all the time. This happens by having top notch content. If you are putting out junk just to fill up a profile or only putting in half your heart then you will never grow. Pro Tip 1 will fail you. So I beg of you. Take your time and learn your field then put out the best content in that niche. Out work the people who are already in your field. The more work and sweat hours you put in you will grow faster and take market share from your competitors. So I repeat. Produce QUALITY over quantity.

In recap, at all costs avoid Ghost Followers for growth and focus on quality caring engagement. At the end of the day you will grow, the more time you spend in the trenches the faster your success will come. This is not something that happens overnight. It takes months maybe even years to fully take off. So, spend a few hours every single day prospecting for diamonds in the trenches and once or twice a week produce some mind-blowing content what will change the game!

Thank you guys for making it to the end of this post. Please let me know if you got value out of this! If you have any questions or suggestions about future topics please reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, Or email me at [email protected]

4 Strategies That Drive Brand Loyalty

Are you leading the next great startup, or are you a part of an executive team at a well-established corporation? While the demands placed on executives at every organization can be dramatically different, what holds true across diverse industries is the importance of brand loyalty.

A big reason why is that just one misstep or poor customer experience can ruin a brand’s reputation. So, if you’re a marketer or entrepreneur, brand reputation should be at the forefront of every decision you make.

Take, for example, a brand like Disney, the leader in family entertainment. Disney’s brand doesn’t just happen. A lot of ongoing hard work goes into not just building the brand, but maintaining it. All employees (or “cast members,” as they’re called), all marketing materials and all internal and external communications convey a consistent message of clean family fun and service excellence.

The company makes a conscientious effort to keep its messaging and branding consistent through all channels.

While not all brands are quite as attentive as Disney, everyone in these organizations should be thinking about how their decisions impact current and future brand advocates in every aspect of the business.

The message: What you do determines whether you will have a good relationship with your customers. After all, without customers to help evangelize your brand, you don’t have much of a business, do you?

Here are four strategies that can help drive brand loyalty.

1. Use technology to create a better customer experience.

Technology can be a valuable tool to help improve a brand’s relationship with its customers. When customers trust that you’re delivering a unique service and exceeding expectations to meet their needs, they will return the favor by willingly giving you their information. That symbiotic relationship is extremely valuable — it helps create trust, which should be the ultimate goal for every brand.

Data-driven personalization can also increase revenue for brands. According to an Infosys study, 86 percent of consumers surveyed said that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. Additionally, 73 percent of consumers said they preferred to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experience more relevant.

Once brands have the trust of their customers, and their information, they can employ user-generated profile platforms, like autoGraph, to gain emotionally intelligent insights and customer opt-in solutions. This platform enables consumers to create, edit and delete their profile and use it wherever and whenever they want.

In turn, users know — at all times — what they are signing up for, and can fully control the process with an icon-based user interface.

By gaining a profile on consumers, c-suite executives will have access to valuable insights about the emotional connections and preferences of individuals. By engaging your own consumers with data aligned with their preferences, your brand can build a better customer experience.

2. Personalize the message with an opt-in data policy.

How can you effectively reach your target audience? The answer is: by sharing brand news that resonates with them and reaches a level of personalization emphasizing your company’s unique value to your customers.

Establishing an opt-in policy builds trust in the brand and ensures that consumers have full control of the information shared. Just because your customers trust you doesn’t mean they’ll give you full access. Consumer data is a very powerful tool, but with great power comes great responsibility.

This first-party data equips brands with individual customer preferences and enables them to personalize the messages they send. A brand can quickly lose the loyalty of its customers with irrelevant messages (a barrage of ads, content that’s not relatable, offers that don’t apply). Your customers care about how you’re providing them relevant products and services. They want to know that you understand them, their needs and preferences.

Always ask yourself, “How can I provide accurate information to the customer? Get their participation?” Consumers are willing to share information with the brands they trust. Your customers are more receptive to your message when it’s personalized to their interests.

3. Use social media to show brand value and customer appreciation.

Social media is a great way to build brand loyalty. A BRANDfog study found that when a brand executive has something to say, individuals on social media listen. In fact, 81 percent of respondents in the study said they had more confidence in a company when its executive was using social media.

When brands show their appreciation for consumers on social media, that helps build brand loyalty, and those customers then become your most loyal brand ambassadors — across your social media channels. Replying with a personal message or commenting on a social media post is a perfect way to humanize a brand and deepen the relationship.

Here’s a pro tip: Your organization likely has some brand advocates constantly engaging on social media. So, surprise them. Go beyond the typical reply with a special gift or complimentary upgrade. The cost is minimal and you can almost guarantee that customer-recipients will post about it for others to hear.

The acknowledgment on social media brings in new customers and increases the positive exposure of your brand — not to mention good PR. Showing the company cares about their experience outside of business transactions separates your brand from the competition.

4. Sell the company, sell you.

Leverage executives within your organization by using their personal brand to reflect your company’s brand.  Recognize that CEOs or other executives — whether they be someone like Elon Musk at Tesla Motors and SpaceX, or Tim Cook at Apple, are aligned with the brand, top to bottom. These executives can help put a personal face to your brand.

I make time to engage with my followers on social media to keep them posted on whom I’m interviewing or meeting with. Giving your followers a sneak peek at the inner workings of the company can only be beneficial in your efforts to gain an extra level of trust. Let them see behind the curtain!

Developing trust and re-emphasizing the company’s mission statement is vital to connecting with your target audience on social media. The core values of the company are important to consumers and resonate, prompting brand advocates to express similar values.

Also, having a strong brand following for the company benefits the bottom line — and making money is one of my conditions of satisfaction. Communicating your company’s message and values is vital, so be relentless as you deliver on your brand’s promise every day.

Make sure, en route, that your customers remain your top priority during all company decisions, and maintain full transparency in regard to how their data is used.

If you’re a brand, how do you drive brand loyalty? If you’re a customer, what do you want brands to do for you?